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Let’s try this new android app for your driving Exams.

Let’s try this new android app for your driving Exams.

LearnersEka is the best among other driving license apps developed for the Sri Lankan audience.


Why should you select the LearnersEka as your first choice ?

If you compare this app with other apps for Sri Lankan Driving exams, this is fully loaded with all content you need for your driving exam including questions and answers.

Road Signs with Description

Participating in an exam is not the purpose of a driving license exam, you need to memorize the roads signs all the time. If you are not able to memorize them, then you will do lots of mistakes while driving. So this app contains all road signs with their categorize for you to remember.

LearnersEka support for Sinhala, English and Tamil languages. Language support is very accurate with Sinhala and English but there may be some issues with the Tamil language.

Q&A Session with 40 Questions

This app contains 40 very important and question for the driving licence exam. These questions were taken from the old driving exam papers conducted in Sri Lanka. You can check the score as well.

Please be informed that this contains no Ads 🙂

A lot of apps in the google play store contains ads inside their apps which make user angry with video ads. LearnersEka is a 100% ads-free version.

This simple and unique user interface has made this app as the best driving licence app in Sri Lanka.

You can download the LearnersEka app here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jayasanka.pubudu.roadsafety&hl=en

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