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Hello, I am Pubudu Jayasanka

Hi All, I am Pubudu Jayasanka and I am a Senior Software Engineer, Blogger, and Android Apps developer. I’ve been living in a beautiful country called Sri Lanka. I guess that you have heard about my country. I do develop software solutions and write some articles when I find interesting things related to software development.

I’d been a freelance developer and I am no longer doing that. Now I am working at Creative Software, Sri Lanka. It is a really cool place to work. :-D. Learning new things and sharing those with others is my hobby. Because I believe that when trying to teach something to someone, you will also improve your current knowledge because you can’t teach something wrong to others so you should be very sure about what you are teaching. What is why I am writing these blogs.

Other than working on the company, I also like to produce my own software solution when a new idea comes to my head. So I’ve developed a few mobile applications and a few websites. I am really happy to introduce them to you


This was my first android application. I developed this when I am doing my internship. It’s been 4 years to this month (2020.04) since I developed that. Those days I was taking my driving license exam and there was a book contains all road signs and necessary guidelines and other pieces of information related to exam paper. So I got an idea to develop an android application to replace that book. Finally, within one month I could release the first version of my application. Here is a link to that app, You won’t understand it, if your not a Sri Lankan 😛


Emoji Challange

This is a little game. I think it is better to place this rather than explaining it. :-D. Anyway, I’ll give a small description. This game showing three emojis that will explain a word. So the user needs to guess this work.

Just go and play this, if you have a time 😉


What else about me?

Rather than technical kinds of stuff, I am a traveller and I love to travel to beautiful locations and take photographs putting them on Instagram. Hiking is my favourite thing to do, Last year I’ve been to Sweden and it was my first travel destination outside my country, I love to discover the world as well but there is a long way to go.

If I am talking about my leisure time, I mostly spend my time with social media and watching TV series. Friends and How I met your mother are my favorite TV series all the time.

That is all about me. Thank you for reading crazy things about me 😀