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Creative Software

Creative Software

3 Years Experience as Full Stack Developer

This is my first job and I am still working at Creative Software. I joined the company just after my undergraduate degree. So since then, this becomes my home and my colleague become a family. I am working as a full-stack developer in the Pagero team. As the Pagero team, we are responsible for developing enterprise web applications.

What Pagero is?

Pagero is a platform that provides B2B software solutions, Freight Solutions and also Health Solutions and more. It is never easy to explain Pagero business model because it is a very large business. I am working on the e-invoices and transport management solution section. We have more than 35 people in the Colombo R&D team and there is an R&D team in Sweden as well.

Hands on experience of technologies

Being a full-stack developer, I have to work on front-end development, back-end development, and continuous integration as well. We are mainly using the following technologies

  • React.Js and Angular.js for front-end development
  • Microservices (Docker)
  • Scala and Java for back-end development
  • GOCD and Jenkins as continuous integration tools
  • And there are more…

I got a chance to visit Pagero Main office in Sweden Last year

These are few memories of that trip. It was a nice trip