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WAD International

WAD International

1 Year Experience as a Mobile Developer

This was where I’d my first industrial experience. It was a great opportunity for me to build my future career. I started the internship as an android developer in this company. First I was assigned to an ongoing game project and that was my first experience of developing a game using a game engine.

Our team developed the following application when I was there, There were more applications but those are not online now šŸ™ .

There were twenty people working with me and around ten of them were designers. So our company was a small one but the experience I got from it was vast. I learned to develop games, android applications, and a few APIs as well. Today I am developing this blog because of that knowledge, this is where I learned about WordPress.

This is some of our designers works. They drew these in our office wall.

Some memories of office colleagues. I really missed them šŸ™ .